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5 Acne Myths

5 Acne Myths

At least 80 percent of adolescents know the sorrow acne causes, as do a surprisingly large percentage of adults. Unfortunately, acne myths proliferate and interfere with people getting effective treatment for this common skin disease. In fact, believing some of these myths can make your acne worse — so make sure to get the facts straight.

Myth 1: I need to wash and scrub my face more.

No, you don’t. In fact, washing too much and scrubbing too hard can actually worsen acne by irritating and over-drying the skin. Acne starts deep down inside the pores, not on top where you wash. Excess sebum and dead skin cells plug the follicle from the inside, then bacteria start proliferating, swelling and causing zits.

Myth 2: I must avoid chocolate and greasy foods.

There is no evidence whatsoever that chocolate (especially the healthy dark variety) causes or aggravates acne. The only food-acne link that science is looking at right now is the possibility that high-glycemic foods, ones that tend to rapidly drive up blood sugar levels, may cause acne to worsen. These would include foods like white bread, white potatoes, sugary sodas, white rice, candy and cookies. Preliminary evidence suggests that a low glycemic index diet may help your acne—and it will definitely help reduce your risks of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. It’s a great idea for many reasons. For your skin and overall health, actively pursue a healthy, balanced diet and stay hydrated.

Myth 3: Staying tan can help me avoid acne.

It is true that sunlight can temporarily improve acne. Ultraviolet light has anti-inflammatory properties that may contribute to this. Visible blue light may reduce bacterial buildup in the skin. But the price we pay to improve acne is to increase the risks of skin cancer, melanoma, and premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. Much better to see your dermatologist and receive treatment for your acne while avoiding skin cancer risks at the same time.

Myth 4: If I just pop it…

Stop! Whatever you do, do not pop or squeeze your zits to “resolve” them. This will spread the bacteria further under the skin and can actually lead to more zits and long-term scarring. Follow your dermatologist’s treatment plan, use recommended noncomedogenic skincare products and be gentle with your skin at all times.

Myth 5: You shouldn’t shave or wear makeup if you have acne.

Wrong. There are many good noncomedogenic cosmetics on the market, and our dermatologists can recommend several options — even ones that effectively mask blemishes while helping to treat them. For shavers, there are also good options for razors, moisturizers and shaving creams that can reduce skin stress.

Always remember that don’t need to suffer through acne! Schedule an appointment at Avail Dermatology by calling 770-251-5111 and get effective treatment that can put you on the road to beautiful, healthy skin.