Our Physician Assistants

Physicians Assistants are an integral part of Avail Dermatology.

Our PA’s are fully trained, certified mid-level providers. They undergo extensive training following college, and are licensed and regulated as medical providers. They are able to evaluate patients, perform procedures, and write prescriptions, working in conjunction with their supervising physicians. As the title suggests, PA’s have a close working relationship with their physicians, which ensures that they provide superior quality care.

Unlike some practices, Avail Dermatology routinely insists on having a physician present on-site at all times when a PA is working. Any patient with a complex or challenging problem that the PA determines needs additional input will also be seen by the physician.

We are proud of our PA’s, and because of them, Avail Dermatology is able to keep our waiting times for an appointment down, to days, not weeks, or even months, as at many other dermatology practices. We’d like you to meet our PA’s and learn a bit more about them.