Cutting Edge Care, Close to Home

After years of diabetes, “Mr. B” developed one of the most dreaded complications, diabetic kidney disease. In the end, his kidneys failed completely. Faced with a life chained to a dialysis machine, he was fortunate enough to qualify for a kidney transplant. A living kidney completely changed the quality of his life, but in order to prevent the kidney from being rejected, he was placed on powerful anti-rejection medications, which suppress his immune system dramatically.

One of the less known complications of suppressing the immune system is a tremendous increase in the tendency to develop skin cancer. For Mr B, this meant frequent trips to see his dermatologist, a specialist in the management of skin cancers in transplant patients, who worked at an academic medical center in Atlanta. While he recognized the importance of these visits, the long trip and parking challenges involved in traveling from his home in Fayette County to Atlanta made the process difficult and stressful.

Fortunately, a friend mentioned to Mr B. that there was a full-time skin cancer specialist in Newnan, who had the same specialized training and certification in the management of skin cancer (Mohs Micrographic Surgery) as his dermatologist in Atlanta. Mr B came to see Dr Marcet here at Avail Dermatology, and was pleased to find that he could receive the same high quality specialized skin care here as he had been getting in Atlanta. Over the last three years, he has done well and is delighted with the care and convenience of coming to Dr Marcet and Avail Dermatology. Avail Dermatology remains committed to providing care unsurpassed anywhere in the Atlanta metro area, right here in your own neighborhood.