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Are “Organic” Skincare Products Really Better?

When it comes to skincare, it’s important to know what’s exactly in the products you apply to your face. When you find a product labeled with the word “organic,”, you might be tempted to assume it’s higher quality. However, while this might sometimes be true, it’s definitely not always the case.

The experts at Avail Dermatology are answering the question are “organic” skincare products really better? 

What Does the Word Organic Mean? 

By definition, when a skincare product uses the word organic, it’s referring to how their ingredients were farmed.  The USDA will give a skincare product an official “organic” seal if the food based ingredients like honey or berries do not contain any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. 

However, the rules for what percentage of those ingredients are actually organic differ from country to country. You can learn more about America’s definition of organic cosmetics here

What Does This Mean for Skincare Products? 

Organic skincare products use ingredients that do not require certain chemicals while certain ingredients are being grown. However, it doesn’t mean that the product is perfect. Organic products can still contain problematic ingredients or plants that can cause a reaction on your skin, just as those products without a USDA “organic” seal.

Organic also may not mean better for the environment. Some organic products still use growing methods that can be detrimental to the planet.  

Ultimately, it’s vital to look beyond labels like organic and thoroughly research what skincare products work best for you. By understanding how ingredients within these products might affect your skin, you’ll be more informed to purchase something that’s just right for you.  

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