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Banish Dry Skin This Winter With These Simple Tips

It’s true; some people have skin that’s naturally dry. But during the winter months, even those with normal to oily skin can feel the effects of lower humidity and harsh weather that can leave skin looking dull and flaky and feeling itchy or extra sensitive. No matter what your skin type, chances are you can […]

Five Sun Care Tips for Gardeners

Digging, planting, watering, and weeding—gardeners spend a lot of time in the sun, so they run a higher risk for sunburns than people who don’t garden. And with the CDC reporting a drastic rise in deadly Melanoma, it’s important for anyone spending a lot of time in the sun—particularly gardeners—to take precautions against sunburn. 1. […]

Why Picking Your Face Is a No-No

Acne wreaks havoc on the teenage years, and for most teenagers, the damage is only made worse by the desire to pick and pop until the offending blemish is little more than an open wound. As an adult it may not be acne that is causing your woe, but that doesn’t make the desire to […]

How Often Should I Change My Skin Care Regimen?

When it comes to taking care of your skin, consistency is key. The only way to leave your skin with the healthy glow that you desire is to keep up with the regular care and maintenance that your skin so desperately requires. However, consistency in keeping up with your skin care doesn’t mean you have […]

What is Causing that Finger Rash?

Do you know what to do if you develop a rash under your wedding band or other rings? It may seem strange, but you can develop a rash under a ring that you have worn for years without any problem. But regardless of how soon this rash crops up, there are two possible causes and […]

3 Unexpected Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is something we all live with. A hair normally lasts only two to six years, so this occurrence is perfectly natural, and in most cases, not something to be concerned about. So while excessive hair loss could indicate a serious underlying condition, most hair loss is just a natural part of being a human. […]

Plantar Warts: What are They and How are They Treated?

Plantar warts are fleshy growths that develop on the side or bottom of the foot, causing significant pain when walking or when pressure is applied to the wart. Like other types of warts, a virus that enters the skin causes plantar warts, and while you may see a portion of the wart extending from the […]

Can Your Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

The answer is “mostly, no.” Dandruff and hair loss are related, but it is not a directly causal relationship. Men, in particular, frequently have both hair loss and dandruff. It is quite common to have both. So how are the two conditions related? Neither condition causes the other, and each usually has its own unrelated […]

Understanding Hair Loss Causes and Treatment Options

Hair loss is a normal and ongoing process for all people. But for most of us, hair replacement and regrowth makes up for the continuing loss making the cycle unnoticeable. Usually, advancing age tends to increase losses and reduce natural replacement. Aside from these normal hair loss factors, there are some cases where individuals lose […]

5 Simple Tips to Keep Dry Skin At Bay This Winter

5 Simple Tips to Keep Dry Skin at Bay This Winter The cold, dry weather of winter can take a major toll on skin, causing it to become dry and itchy and making it more prone to cracking, bleeding and even infection. And as we get older and skin loses its ability to retain natural […]