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Adjust Your Skincare Routine for Warmer Weather

As the weather switches from cold to warm, don’t forget to transition your skin care routine so that you can keep your skin moisturized and protected from the sun while you are outside participating in your favorite recreational activities or hanging out with friends and family. Skin Care Tips for Warm Weather Warm weather means […]

I Saw the Sun–And the Freckles, too

Freckles are a common occurrence, and though many people love and embrace their freckles, there have been people trying to get rid of their freckles as well. All concerns about loving freckles or hating freckles aside, the question remains—what actually causes freckles, and what does the sun have to do with it? Freckles and the […]

How often should you shower for a healthy scalp?

Taking a hot shower has become a staple part of people’s daily routine. And in the shower, people tend to wash their hair, face, and body with a multitude of shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. But how often should we be taking showers to ensure a healthy scalp? And how are some of these products affecting […]

Mohs Surgery Performed for the First Time at Carrollton Location

Avail Dermatology is pleased to announce that Mohs skin cancer surgery has been performed in Carrollton for the first time. Dr. Steven Marcet, a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon, has treated thousands of patients for challenging skin cancers using this state of the art technique. Mohs surgery allows the surgeon to immediately examine the tissue he […]

Keep Your Lips Supple Despite the Winter Cold

Winter weather can take a major toll on your pucker. Not only is the air extra cold and harsh – it’s also super dry, and that means the air around you can be pulling moisture from your lips all day long. You can’t escape by going indoors either, because heated air can be just as […]

6 Skincare Rituals to Fight the Cold

Developing – and practicing – good skincare routines is the cornerstone of maintaining healthy, supple skin throughout your life. But that doesn’t mean your skincare routine shouldn’t change with the seasons. Winter’s cold, dry air can wreak havoc on your skin. Changing up your skincare rituals can help your skin retain the moisture it needs […]

Signs of the Most Common Skin Diseases

There are thousands of different kinds of skin disorders, and while many of them are rare, there are a handful of skin disorders that are incredibly common and could happen to anyone. Even if a skin disease is common, it should still be treated by a dermatologist. Here are the signs and symptoms of the […]

Treating Skin on the Face and Body

Too many people forget that your skin is an organ, and just like any other organ in your body it can get sick. It also requires regular treatment and maintenance. Just like you make sure to brush your teeth, to take your vitamins, and to eat a healthy diet to preserve the health of your […]

New Year’s Skincare

It is that time of year again! Time to take a long look at your current health and wellness habits and consider what changes you can make so that the next year is even better than the last. Just about everyone creates New Year’s resolutions. Many people focus on things like losing weight or improving […]

Holiday Gifts for the Skin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—except not for your skin! So many people look forward to the winter months for all of the many beautiful reasons that make the holidays so exciting, from the cold weather to the extra time with family, but there are many reasons why this time of the year […]