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Avail Dermatology Acquires New Location in Stockbridge

Avail Dermatology, an acclaimed dermatological provider for more than 30 years, is expanding its practice by acquiring a new location in Stockbridge. With additional offices in Newnan, Peachtree City (Fayetteville), and Carrollton, patients now have additional access to conveniently experience the best-in-class service Avail Dermatology has to offer. The Stockbridge location formerly operated as Tara […]

What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the name given to excessive and uncontrollable sweating and an estimated 1-3% percent of Americans currently overproduce sweat.  The onset is most often during childhood or adolescence. Hyperhidrosis can occur under your arms (axillary hyperhidrosis) or on the palms of your hand and soles of your feet (palmoplantar hyperhidrosis). While some people perspire […]

Help Decrease Mask Acne With These Tips

Masks play a vital role in reducing the spread of the coronavirus. Masks can also be hard on your skin, causing problems that range from acne and peeling skin to rashes and itchiness. This can be annoying and uncomfortable, especially for people who are required to wear masks for extended periods of time. We’ve got […]

History of Skincare Products

When people think of medical advancements, they don’t often think of skincare. But just as the practice of medicine has evolved and improved over the years, so has the process of caring for the body’s largest organ — the skin. Learn more about the history of skincare below! The Evolution of Skincare Keep reading to […]

How to Tell You’re Allergic to Skincare Products

At the end of a long, stressful day, taking a hot shower and indulging in your skincare routine can be the best way to unwind and pamper yourself. But what if instead of feeling comforted and clean, your skin starts to break out and/or become itchy? Unfortunately, this usually means your skin is having an […]

Are “Organic” Skincare Products Really Better?

When it comes to skincare, it’s important to know what’s exactly in the products you apply to your face. When you find a product labeled with the word “organic,”, you might be tempted to assume it’s higher quality. However, while this might sometimes be true, it’s definitely not always the case. The experts at Avail […]

How Facial Hair Can Impact Your Skincare

Whether you want facial hair or want to get rid of all of it, you should be keeping skincare in mind! Those with facial hair have to worry more about acne and dandruff underneath the hair follicles, and those who are getting rid of their hair might suffer from irritation.  The experts at Avail Dermatology […]

Skin Hygiene in the Age of Coronavirus

The coronavirus has affected everyone across the globe. One focal point in conversations about this pandemic is personal hygiene and how that impacts the spread of COVID-19. The experts at Avail Dermatology are here to shed some light on the topic of skin hygiene in the age of coronavirus. The Proper Way to Wash Your […]

Hereditary Skin Conditions

Just like all other medical specialties, dermatology also deals with hereditary conditions. Also known as genetic conditions, these are problems passed down from generation to generation. In other words, the child of someone who has one of these conditions is more likely to have it as well.  At Avail Dermatology we are available to discuss […]

How to Make Your Skincare Routine Less Wasteful

We’re all searching for ways to be more eco-friendly. We recycle, we try to reduce our use and consumption of harmful gases for the environment, and we cut down on our food waste. But have you thought about how your beauty routine might also be an opportunity to be more sustainable?  Unfortunately, most people don’t […]