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Dr. Ling to Lecture at National Dermatology Meeting in March

Dr. Mark Ling has again been asked to lecture at the Upcoming 2009 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting in Miami, Fl. The “AAD” is the national organization for dermatologists, and it sponsors this annual meeting, by far the most-attended dermatology meeting nationwide. The goal of the meeting is to present the latest in-depth imedical nformation to practicing dermatologists.

Dr. Ling will lecture on one of his personal areas of interest, the use of biologic drugs to treat severe psoriasis. Biologic drugs are the new generation of injected biotech drugs, which have been a major advance in psoriasis therapy. His interest arises out of the important role that he and his staff played in the development of many of these new breakthrough drugs, such as Enbrel, Humira, and Stelara.

The specific topic for this year’s lecture focuses on the safety of these new drugs. As important as it is for a drug to work, it must also be safe. Biologic drugs have been subjected to the most intensive scrutiny in pharmaceutical history, and thus there are hundreds of articles and presentations every year presenting safety information. Dr. Ling has reviewed this information and will present his analysis of the risks and benefits of these new drugs. His lectures in the past have been highly rated and consistently “sold out.” The advantage for Dr. Ling’s patients is that he can speak confidently and in great depth to patients when questions arise about the treatment of psoriasis.