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Dr. Mark Ling Gives Presentations on Psoriasis

Dr. Ling gave a successful presentation last October in Sweden to a prestigious group of dermatologists from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and even Iceland. As a recognized expert in the use of new medications to treat severe psoriasis, he was invited to travel to present his thoughts about how we can choose, and safely use, the latest generation of psoriasis therapies. For Dr. Ling, the particularly rewarding aspect of this subject is the fact that he and the MedaPhase staff were involved in the original research and development of all of the new drugs now on the market.

Dr. Ling then followed this with another presentation this February, this time at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology. With an audience of well over 100 dermatologists and researchers from the pharmaceutical industry, he reviewed some of the crucial data about the safe use of biologic therapies for psoriasis, concentrating on information that is not widely known to most practicing dermatologists, By doing so, he was able to analyze the long term risks and benefits of these drugs, laying to rest many misconceptions about these drugs, such as the notion that they “cause cancer.”

Dr. Ling continues to play an important role in psoriasis therapy, as the research group is about to start enrolling psoriasis patients in two new studies testing the latest generation of psoriasis treatments from Celgene and Pfizer.