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How Facial Hair Can Impact Your Skincare

Whether you want facial hair or want to get rid of all of it, you should be keeping skincare in mind! Those with facial hair have to worry more about acne and dandruff underneath the hair follicles, and those who are getting rid of their hair might suffer from irritation. 

The experts at Avail Dermatology will explain how facial hair can impact your skincare below! 

For Those Who Want Smooth Skin

If you hate the idea of facial hair, then you will often find yourself using different aesthetic procedures to get rid of it. That includes threading, shaving, plucking, and waxing (to name a few). 

Unfortunately, most of those options can potentially cause trauma to the face. Whether you nick yourself with a razor or pull a hair follicle out of your pore a little too harshly, infection and irritation are all very possible side effects.

That’s why it’s important to consider using less hard products for your face to help lessen the side effects. Use cleansers and moisturizers that are gentle to the skin (products that are free of dyes and scents). In addition, keep applying sunscreen, daily, and if you will be outside for more than an hour, reapply every hour.  Your sunscreen should contain a physical block like zinc oxide. Too much exposure to the sun can worsen irritation. 

For Those Who Want Facial Hair 

If you’re trying to grow out a beard or other facial hair, your skincare considerations should be different.

Facial hair is both similar and varied from the hair that grows on top of the head. While both types of hair create a sebaceous gland that produces natural oil, the skin on the face is much more sensitive than the skin on the scalp. Washing your beard with regular shampoo won’t cut it. Generally, a gentle skin cleanser like you would use on all of your facial skin will be needed. 

And what happens if you just don’t clean your beard? First of all, it’s estimated that a person touches their beard hundreds of times per day. That means that facial hair is harboring a lot of germs. Secondly, if you don’t wash that skin underneath the beard, acne will be quick to follow. It can also cause skin issues to those you kiss or hug often. Therefore, it’s vital to wash that area. 

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