How often should you shower for a healthy scalp?

Taking a hot shower has become a staple part of people’s daily routine. And in the shower, people tend to wash their hair, face, and body with a multitude of shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. But how often should we be taking showers to ensure a healthy scalp? And how are some of these products affecting our scalp’s health? We’ll dive into how often you should really shower for a healthy scalp.

The truth about hair products:

The thing is, your hair probably doesn’t need all of those products that are marketed to you, and your scalp may be better off if you skip a shower here and there. Dermatologists and hair stylists tend to agree that as a culture, Americans are over-washing their hair and over-treating their scalps with chemicals that can often lead to dry skin.  

Expert hair stylists say that there is actually no singular right answer when it comes to determining how often we should be washing our hair. The answer comes down to personal differences and minor preferences.

For people with hair that is considered “normal,” so to say that there is not an abundance of oil and it doesn’t get overly dry, washing every two or three days is probably ideal. If you can manage to go longer, then do it. Those who have excessively dry hair or excessively oily hair may find themselves needing to wash more often, but should still try to avoid the shampoo bottle daily.

The reality is that taking a scalding hot shower every day is probably not good for your skin or scalp, and putting a lot of soaps and chemicals on your skin after being in the hot water can lead to inflammation and remove healthy oils that help to keep your skin naturally moisturized. So, if you realize you are running late in the morning and have to skip a shower, don’t beat yourself up too much. Try to wash-up as best as you can, but realize that showering less often may be good for you after all.

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