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How to Make Your Skincare Routine Less Wasteful

We’re all searching for ways to be more eco-friendly. We recycle, we try to reduce our use and consumption of harmful gases for the environment, and we cut down on our food waste. But have you thought about how your beauty routine might also be an opportunity to be more sustainable? 

Unfortunately, most people don’t know about this opportunity. The products we use for our day to day skincare come in wasteful containers that we can’t reuse, and, since we use these on such a regular basis, it creates a lot of trash. 

Keep reading below to learn how to make your skincare routine less wasteful from the experts at Avail Dermatology! 

Find Ways to Swap Out Products

When you use types of shampoo and conditioner that come in giant bottles that aren’t recyclable, that produces a lot of waste. Luckily, many companies are realizing this and have searched for ways to make their products more eco-friendly. Look for products with eco-friendly packaging instead of large plastic tubs. 

There’s a lot of alternatives out there for you to enjoy, you just need to be proactive about finding them. 

Challenge Yourself to Use All Your Products 

It can be difficult to find yourself using every single drop of the products in your skincare routine. Most people see something running out and immediately reorder the product before it’s all gone. Scrapping containers for every single bit of product is annoying and time-consuming. Or, sometimes, we don’t get to use our products before they expire, so we just toss them. 

Those habits can be extremely wasteful. So, we challenge you to make sure you use all your products. Apply every bit of foundation and scrap the bottom of your lotion container for the last bit before you let yourself get any new products. 

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