Mohs Surgery Performed for the First Time at Carrollton Location

Avail Dermatology is pleased to announce that Mohs skin cancer surgery has been performed in Carrollton for the first time. Dr. Steven Marcet, a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon, has treated thousands of patients for challenging skin cancers using this state of the art technique.

Mohs surgery allows the surgeon to immediately examine the tissue he removes, using a technique that guarantees that the entire specimen is examined, rather than just a few sample areas, as is normally done. This gives the highest cure rates, and superior cosmetic outcomes versus other approaches. The procedure is in-office, and any needed surgical reconstruction is done at the same visit.

The availability of Mohs surgery in Carrollton will ensure that residents have the best possible option for serious skin cancer. Dr. Marcet and his partners are located at 524 Dixie St in Carrollton.