Billing and Insurance

To be able to serve you best, we at Avail Dermatology have signed contracts with most health insurance providers.

Before your visit, we recommend that you confirm coverage with your insurance company. If you do not see your carrier’s name on the list to the right, please call the Newnan Office at (770) 251-5111. Our staff will be able to provide more information.

Insurance FAQs

Below you can find a list of common billing and insurance-related questions and answers. If you have additional questions, please call (770) 251-5111 to let our staff know.

What is not covered by my insurance?

Cosmetic or Medically Unnecessary procedures (as defined by your insurance company) are not covered by insurance. Please contact your insurance company to find out which procedures are not covered. Payment is expected at the time of service for these services.

What’s typically covered under an office visit?

Avail Dermatology uses National CPT coding guidelines for uniform billing to insurance companies. The codes are categorized as follows:

Evaluation & Management

Includes office visits, as well as hospital visits and consultations by a provider. This portion of your visit includes the examination by a provider, the discussion of a treatment plan, or a follow-up visit to discuss the outcome of your treatment.

Surgical Codes

Includes procedures performed during an office visit. The most common procedures performed during an office visit are: injections, freezing or chemical treatments for conditions such as warts or pre-cancerous lesions, biopsies, and the removal of skin cancers.

Surgical procedures may fall under your plan’s deductible.

Is there a fee to remove my stitches?

If you received stitches as a result of a biopsy that will be sent to a lab for diagnosis, you will be charged for an office visit when your stitches are removed. The charge will cover the discussion of the results of the biopsy and available treatment plans.

If you had stitches as a result of a removal of skin cancer or a cosmetic lesion, there will not be an additional charge to remove the stitches. However, if you discuss a different problem you are having, or receive additional treatment when your stitches are removed, an office visit fee will be charged.

Do I need a referral to come to your office?

Although there is direct access to dermatologists in the state of Georgia, your particular insurance plan may require you to have a referral. Contact your insurance company for more information regarding your plan’s requirements prior to scheduling your appointment.

If my insurance has not changed, but I received a new card, do you need a copy of it?

Yes. We are required to keep current copies of all cards on file.