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Skin Spa’s Trisha Kennedy is the most requested Botox trainer by Allergan nationwide in 2012

The Skin Spa of Avail Dermatology is proud to announce that Trisha Kennedy, NP-C, is the most requested Botox trainer by Allergan nationwide in 2012. Allergan is the innovative pharmaceutical company that revolutionized the non-invasive aesthetic treatment market with the introduction of Botox. Part of Allergan’s mission is to train physicians in the proper use of Botox. Poor technique is the major reason for unsatisfactory results. To accomplish this, Allergan utilizes trainers, who are the most experienced and talented users of Botox, to educate new users in the proper techniques. Trainers travel to medical offices and Spas, and perform hands-on training sessions, ensuring that the new users know how to properly use Botox. This year, Trisha has done more training programs than any other trainer in the United States. This is a remarkable reflection of Trisha’s superior skills, as her reputation in the aesthetic community and at Allergan have made her the most-requested trainer across the country. In short, Trisha is “Top Dog” nationally when it comes to using Botox.

If you already use Botox, or are thinking of doing so, take no chances on substandard results. Come for a free consultation at the Skin Spa of Avail Dermatology, and see what Botox can do for you when administered by our nationally-recognized Botox trainer and provider, Trisha Kennedy.