When to Seek Treatment for Dry Skin

Dry skin is very common during the winter months.  The main cause is low humidity. Water automatically moves from high concentration to low.  In the winter months, water is moving out of our skin into the environment thus making the skin drier.  The lower the humidity, the dryer the skin can get.

In the winter we also sweat less and as a result tend to require less hydration so fluid consumption is lower and this along with the low humidity can compound the problem

of dry skin.

The Winter Blues: Dry Skin

When the skin is dry it will itch, flake, crack and sometimes even fissure.  If the cold weather and low humidity are short-lived, a change in weather may be all that is needed to get the skin back to normal.  Another suggestion is to use a cream or ointment as a moisturizer instead of a lotion. However, if nothing you have tried is working you may need professional assistance from your local dermatology practice.  Avail Dermatology is always ready to assist you.

Here’s how to know if your dry skin will require the support of your dermatologist:

  • Over-the counter treatments with creams and ointments is not working. When you make changes to your skincare routine and your skin doesn’t respond within seven to ten days,  it may be a sign that your skin requires stronger support. A dermatologist can provide you with prescription level creams and ointments that may be more effective.
  • You have deep and painful cracks in your skin from the dryness. When dry skin becomes severe and cracks develop, it can be painful and can even become infected. This may require treatment from a dermatologist.
  • The dry skin is a lot worse than it usually is. Many people who experience dry skin in the winter experience it every year and have a good idea what to do to combat the dryness. If you experience skin symptoms that are completely different from what you normally  experience it is a good idea to consult with your dermatologist before attempting to treat the issue yourself as you may be experiencing something more serious than dry skin.

Don’t spend the next six months waiting for the weather to warm up and the humidity to increase so your skin can get re-hydrated. Contact Avail Dermatology today to start feeling relief now.